Amazon Advertising Optimization

Amazon advertising has become an vital part of a well-rounded Amazon strategy. With an increasingly crowded marketplace, sellers can no longer afford to ignore paid advertising. Sponsored Product ads have become a core part of an Amazon business, placing ads for your product in search results and on product page. More recently, Amazon made Headline Search ads available to third party sellers, which can give your brand even more visibility with placement of a banner ad at the top of the search results page.

Sponsored Products and Headline Search, however, are managed differently from other PPC platforms like AdWords, and uses their own unique algorithms and rules. Jumping in without understanding these rules is unlikely to lead to success.

We use the most up-to-date strategies and tactics, combined with advanced ad management software, all designed to maximize your impressions, click through rate, and conversion rate so your ACoS stays low. We research a long list of relevant keywords for your product and systematically test these to find the most profitable way to run your advertising.

We also see Sponsored Products as a way to improve your organic search ranking. Nothing will give you more accurate data on who is buying your product than data from your ad campaign. We take this data and use it to continually optimize your product page for organic search.

If you are looking to take your Sponsored Product and Headline Search campaigns to the next level, contact us now for a free consultation.