Amazon Product Page Optimization

There are two factors to consider when creating copy for Amazon product pages: Amazon SEO and customer conversion. Both are important to succeeding on Amazon, but too often we see one or both ignored.

Amazon SEO

Amazon indexes your title, bullets and description, and your backend search terms for its search engine, with the title being the most important field. Your copy needs to tell Amazon what your product is all about so it can decide where to put you in search. You need to be familiar with what search terms customers are using to find products like yours and include it in your copy. We focus on the most relevant keywords that will drive higher conversion rates for your product.

Customer conversion

SEO is only part of the equation, once a customer lands on your page they need to be convinced to buy. Too many sellers focus too much on SEO, loading their copy with strings of keywords, known as keyword stuffing, which can be confusing and off putting to the customer. Our primary focus when writing copy is to clearly explain the product’s features and benefits, helping customers understand the product and convincing them to buy. We will balance this with SEO and incorporate the most relevant keywords in a natural way, while using the remaining keywords in the backend search term fields.

If you are struggling with traffic and conversion for your Amazon product pages, consider reviewing and revising your product copy. Contact us for a free consultation and a review of your existing pages.