Enhanced Brand Content

Since it’s launch in late 2016, Enhanced Brand Content replaces your product description and has shown to be an effective tool in convincing customers to buy. With the tendency to skim lengthy product descriptions customers were missing out on critical information. Now, with the ability to create interactive and engaging content brands are highlighting what sets their product apart from the competition.

Our in-house graphic designer and team of copywriters are able to focus on building your brand and highlighting the critical features of your product. The more inclusive shopping experience allows browsers to be more confident in their purchases and helps build brand recognition.

Along with providing a more in depth shopping experience, brands are able to cross sell their products to build sales throughout their catalog. It helps to keep shoppers engaged and builds awareness to products they may not have known about.

Case studies show have shown that conversion rate goes up 3-6 points when EBC is added to a page. We will create the layout and design for your EBC and upload it to Amazon.

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