How To Increase Conversion Rates with Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (also known as A+ content for Amazon vendors) is a valuable tool for sellers and brands. Available to brands registered on Amazon’s brand registry, EBC communicates the value of products with more visual content that will easily catch the customer’s eye and provide valuable information at a glance. With mobile shopping on the rise, the ability to communicate via images instead of text is becoming more and more critical, and sellers using well-designed EBC are seeing a noticeable lift in conversion rates.

Enhanced Brand Content Done Well

Well-designed EBC is more than just another set of product images and copy. Your Enhanced Brand Content should be well-thought-out and include not only photography, but graphics designed to instantly communicate a feature or benefit of the product. This is an especially important part of mobile optimization, as those shoppers may not be taking the time to read your copy.

The graphics you use can be as simple as an icon communicating a feature or benefit or a more complex comparison chart showing how your product stacks up to other products.

Here are some snapshots of parts of my favorite EBC designs:


  • The large text in this banner graphic calls out the primary benefits of the product.

  • The use of demonstrative graphics helps communicate this product’s features.
  • An eye-catching infographic helps highlight what makes this product different from others.

Tips for Creating Enhanced Brand Content

When creating EBC, start by making a list of the top benefits and features of your product, focusing on what makes your product different from your competitors. Also, think about how you solve a problem for your customers and make their lives better. These are the points you will want to focus on and communicate with your design. Then, figure out how best to communicate those points with images, graphics, charts, etc.

You should also review the EBC your competitors have published, as you will need to—at the very least—meet their level of quality (but, ideally, you’ll want to beat it). Don’t be tempted to skimp on the quality of your design, even if your competitors do; a discerning customer can tell the difference between a hastily-constructed graphic and one that is thoughtfully designed.

Keep in mind your mobile audience, especially when it comes to copy. You need to keep your EBC easy to read, especially on a mobile screen, so consider that when choosing font sizes and styles for your graphics.

Investing in Brand Visibility

Amazon has made several indications over the past year that it’s focusing on brands and providing sellers with tools to help their brands stand out in the marketplace. EBC, Storefront, and Headline Search ads are the most recent examples of tools designed for brands, and we are confident that there are more to come. Any brand selling on Amazon should make sure it‘s capitalizing on these opportunities to differentiate itself and make its products shine.


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