2019 Utah Amazon Sellers Workshop: A Recap

Last week, local entrepreneurs who sell on Amazon gathered at the 2019 Utah Amazon Sellers Workshop to hone their sales strategies and gain critical insights into the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace. Hosted by Egility and Buy Box Experts (recently merged with Nozani), the event featured several presentations by industry experts who specialize in Amazon operations, advertising, and marketing. In between presentations, there were breakout sessions for networking, and attendees participated in one-on-one consultations with Amazon specialists. 

Liz Fickenscher from eComEngine advised the audience on how to improve and maintain their seller health metrics. Fickenscher reminded listeners that seller metrics are calculated upon their Seller Feedback, Product Reviews, and the Inventory Performance Index. She warned sellers not to try to game the review system, noting that Amazon is very good at finding incentivized or manipulated reviews, and even reviews from friends or family of the seller. She also extolled the importance of maintaining a healthy inventory, calling it the backbone of a thriving FBA business. 

Joining the event and representing Buy Box Experts, Eric Stopper spoke on how sellers can optimize their product listings. Stopper emphasized that selling on Amazon meant talking to both human buyers and the “Amazon Robot.” He went on to describe what a complete and optimized product listing page should include, warning that you need to keep things simple and easy-to-find for your customers, while using the right keywords for Amazon’s algorithms. 

Liz Adamson, founder of Egility, delved deep into the many particulars of advertising on Amazon. PPC advertising “is a must,” according to Adamson, as many if not all above-the-fold search results are now sponsored ads. When it comes to advertising on Amazon, Adamson recommends starting with the basics then experimenting from there in order to find the optimal strategy for your brand and products.   

Attendees at the event were diverse; sellers of jewelry organizers, toys, apparel, electric fireplaces, and organic health foods, to name a few, were all in attendance. Having gained a greater appreciation of the intricacies of selling on Amazon, many came away with new ideas to implement within their own brands. Jarom Watts of Easy to Use Products learned “the importance of having infographics,” while Wayne Bateman of Layer Simply noted, “There’s a lot to the marketing, there’s an art to it.” The mood among these attendees was positive and hopeful, as observed by Kiersten Nelthorpe of Megabyte Beauty who said, “It was really cool to see other entrepreneurs who are working on innovative projects and are here being energized.”

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