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Selling on Amazon can net huge rewards. But how do you get started? And how do you stand out from the crowd? With millions of products listed on the Amazon marketplace and Amazon’s constantly changing policies, it can seem like an overwhelming task to become a profitable Amazon seller.

That’s where Egility comes in.

We’ll be your expert guides in navigating the Amazon jungle. We’ve launched and grown wildly successful Amazon businesses, and helped existing brands increase their Amazon sales and profits.

We can:

Set up, optimize and maintain your Amazon advertising including Sponsored Product and Headline Search ads
Design visually stunning Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content that will boost your conversion rate and sales
Provide full service Amazon channel management and optimization, you send the inventory and we do the rest
Create infographics and product images designed to increase customer confiendence and improve conversion rate
Optimize your Amazon product listings with compelling sales copy that converts into sales and integrates keywords for Amazon SEO

Get brand exposure

If you are creating new listings on Amazon, you’ll find yourself up against big barriers. Amazon rewards products with a strong sales history and great reviews. How do you get noticed and win customers if you are new to the game?

At Egility we can help your brand shine right out of the gate. Gain quick traction for your new Amazon product pages with listings optimized for Amazon SEO and by using the most effective Amazon marketing strategies. As an experienced Amazon digital marketing agency, we’ll work to help you both increase your traffic and conversion rate, boosting your sales and profits.

We can:

Give you one on one Amazon coaching and consulting to train you and your team for success on Amazon
Not sure what you need? We'll perform a comprehensive Seller Central account audit that identifies opportunities for improvement

What our clients are saying

​Working with Liz and her team at Egility has been an absolute enjoyment. From thorough campaign optimization to creatively exploring new ideas, their impact remains consistent. ACoS is way down and sales are up! The additional guidance and Liz's seemingly endless inside scoop has helped us avoid potential roadblocks and keeps us ahead of the trends. Long gone are the days when advertising consumed the bulk of my week. I now have the luxury of replacing that time with strategic focus.

John Cullen, Sr. Dr. of Marketplace

Egility has been a pleasure to work with. Liz and Tiffany are very responsive and knowledgeable and do a great job of keeping me informed with weekly reporting. After updating copy, designing EBC and only one month of PPC management, our ad revenue increased by 41% and decreased ACoS by 31%. I highly recommend them as a trusted partner that is dedicated to growing your Amazon business.

Eric Rubin, VP of Marketing

I have had a great experience working with Egility.  Liz at Egility has been a complete asset to our Amazon Sponsored Product ads. Helping us grow month over month and keeping ACoS down.  I have complete confidence in her ability to make sure our account is operating efficiently and I can focus on growing other areas of the business without having to invest myself into that side of Amazon.  I wouldn't think twice about jumping on board with Egility!

Bill Kingston, CEO

When we initially contacted Liz 18 months ago, Amazon was a small piece of our business.  She has turned Amazon into one of the core components of our business, increasing our sales by over 400%.  If you want to expand your Amazon business with confidence, I cannot recommend a better company.

Patrick Carter, President

Liz has provided indispensable support to our brand. From getting us launched on Amazon, to providing advertising support, and helping us understand the latest Amazon rules, we can always rely on her for prompt, courteous service. She is highly recommended.

Ben Wieder, Founder & President

We had been wanting to do PPC advertising but did not have the time or knowledge to take on such a project. That’s when we contacted Liz for help. We’ve been working with Liz for about a year and are pleased with her work.  She has a lot of experience selling on Amazon and is very resourceful. It’s a pleasure working with Liz and we recommend adding her as an asset.

Mark Adelman

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